Health, economic, cultural benefits of Pokemon Go

As the second weekend approaches since the launch of Pokemon Go, more players are getting up and out the door to "catch 'em all." While the app has had it's share of horror stories, it's also proving to have several of benefits.

Jawbone, makers of the "Up" fitness tracker, said users who mentioned Pokemon in their posts to the tracker's leaderboard saw a 62 percent average spike in activity during the weekend following the game's release. Other fitness tracking companies saw similar spikes in activity since the game's June 6 launch.

Socialization is another popular perk of the game. Pokemon Go requires players to be in the same physical location to face off in the app. Gamers who might previously interact digitally from the comfort of their couch are meeting and bonding with others as they play.

Small businesses are seeing booms from players wandering into new neighborhoods to catch Pokemon. An animal shelter in Indiana has been asking players to take shelter dogs for walks while they play.

To get on board with the craze, download the Pokemon Go app in your app store. Head to local parks or zoos and look for groups of players, most of whom were more than happy to share tips and advice for fellow 'Pokemasters'.