Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo accused of 'disrespect' at slain corporal's funeral

There are few services more somber and more sacred than those honoring a fallen law officer.

And yet the funeral of slain Corporal Charles Galloway with Harris County Pct. 5 Constables now lies under a shroud of controversy with County Judge Lina Hidalgo accused of being the instigator.

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"What she did was wrong," said Precinct 5 Sgt. Roy Guinn. "She completely disrespected the service that we had planned, not only to honor Corporal Galloway but for his family and for all of law enforcement. And she did it with no thought at all, no care at all."

Guinn says at Tuesday's memorial service, Hidalgo insisted on playing an unrequested, undesired role at the private Galloway funeral, refusing to leave the ceremonial vanguard and take her assigned seat, despite his urgent and repeated requests.

"It was almost venomous," said Guinn. "She said, 'I'm not going to sit there, do you know who I am? I'm the County Judge,' and she was very upset I was trying to move her."

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It is Guinn's personal belief Hidalgo was more interested in a primary season photo-op than preserving the dignity of a fallen officer's farewell.

"Every place she injected herself without invitation was where cameras were present," said Guinn.

The sergeant said as much in a statement first published on the Michael Berry Show.

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Asked about both the incident and the criticism, the Judge's spokesman said Hidalgo would not be responding out of respect for the family.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who attended the Galloway service tweeted on the issue Thursday calling Hidalgo's actions "a shocking display of disruptive and disgraceful behavior."