Girl battling cancer surprised with helicopter ride to Freeport Police Department

Freeport's youngest police officer is riding to the police deparment in style.

Abigail Arias, 6, was suprised on Wednesday morning with a ride on a helicopter to the Freeport Police Department. The brave little girl, who is battling Wilms' tumor cancer, was sworn in as an honorary police officer last week.

Abigail and Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey boarded the helicopter at Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport for the trip. A crowd was waiting at the police department for her arrival.

The Freeport Police Department held a swearing in ceremony for Abigail Arias on Thursday. Police officers, first responders and citizens watched as Abigail, wearing her own Freeport police uniform, took an oath to continue fighting the "bad guys" until she is cancer free.

Abigail has been battling Wilms tumor cancer for the past two years, according to the police department. She told Chief Ray Garivey about her dream of being a police officer, and the department made her dream come true.