Future Uber: Urban Mobility Flies High In This Pilot Optional Giant Electric Drone

It's something George Jetson might even dream about: An electric helicopter...and....it doesn't even need a pilot.

"Volocopter" is like a massive drone you can ride around in. CEO Florian Reuter says it will revolutionize transportation. "Getting from Newark to Manhattan is a 10 mile stretch it takes forever to get there but with the Volocopter there's no reason it should take more than 10 minutes and we can take regular take offs and landing in intervals of 30 seconds," said Reuter. 

And it would likely cost what a high end taxi might in rush hour. Reuter suggested likely less than $100 from Newark to Manhattan. We sat down in it, to see how it would feel. It was easy to get inside, and it really did feel as small as it looks. Reuter says the technology is ready --- they even gave it a test ride during CES's keynote. He expects it will be on the market in 3-5 years.