Fuel thieves targeting gas stations, stealing dozens of gallons

The owners of a gas station in La Porte are speaking with FOX 26 after thieves got away with half a tank of fuel. The mom-and-pop owned gas station tells us, the thieves used a small rubber object to manipulate the pulser at the pump.

"For someone not involved in the industry, it would have taken them a lot longer, this is someone who has experience being in this industry and is trained," said Sean Momin, gas station owner.

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Through their surveillance video, the La Porte Police Department were able to make an arrest, which led to an ongoing investigation. They also tell us, they don’t believe it’s an isolated incident. 

"It’s been going on for quite some time in the Houston area, one of the other areas that was hit was from the Beaumont area."

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Fuel siphoning from personal cars is a rising concern once more for police departments across the nation. Thieves even go so far as to drilling holes directly into gas tanks.

The Deer Park Police Department posted on social media saying it may be a good idea to start protecting your gas tanks. 

"They do have aftermarket devices that you can lock your gas tank with, some cars come with it," said Officer Kai Zhang. "They also have anti-siphoning devices that are already on the cars."