'Farmer Wants a Wife' contestants visit the Houston Rodeo

One reality dating show is making a comeback on FOX and follows the life of four farmers looking for love from a group of women, some of whom decided to bring what they learned from the farm life to the Houston Rodeo.

Walking into the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, you may see many women hoping to find a farmer of their own, but attendees Sydney Groom, Meghan Baker, and Kiersten Newman went a step further by competing for love on FOX's ‘Farmer Wants a Wife.'

"I didn't jump into this thinking I was going to find the love of my life, but Hunter swept me off my feet," said Groom.

RODEO EXPERIENCE: FOX's 'Farmer Wants a Wife' experience at Houston Rodeo for the weekend

Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black, Landon Heaton, and Allen Foster are looking for love in a reality show unlike any other as 32 women leave behind the city life and are invited to experience life on the farm with one of the four men.

The season has already aired its first two episodes. 

Fans of the show could experience a part of the farmer life in person at the 'Farmer Wants a Wife' roping experience at the Houston Rodeo. Groom, Baker, and Newman showed up to share their experience on the show.

"I think that the morals and the precedents that it sets in the southern and western community is such a vital part of what we're doing on Farmer Wants a Wife. It is truly Yellowstone meets the Bachelor," Groom says.

The farmers show the women, and viewers, what life is really like on an actual working farm such as tending to the land, feeding cattle, baling hay, and handling day-to-day business operations. 

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"It brings the real into the reality for it. Like you move to their farms with them and you are going to live with them on a farm and you have to get down and dirty real quick. And honestly, farm life is the best life is what I think," says Baker.

Farm life definitely isn't for everyone, but these three women with their Southern roots knew it was a perfect fit.

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"I'm a Western fashion blogger and a fourth-generation cattle rancher, so it was somewhat like the life I grew up on, but it was super fun," said Newman.

But being on the national stage comes with its own set of challenges.

"It was a lot for me because this is something I've never experienced before, and I know that some of these girls have never experienced it before. But like the cameras and everything, I got a little camera-shy. But it was a great experience. All in all, I wouldn't take it back," Baker admitted.

You can see the drama unfold on 'Farmer Wants a Wife' airing every Wednesday on FOX.