Family of Baytown oilfield homicide victim talks with FOX 26

FOX 26 is learning more about the victims of 33-year-old Ron Welch, who was killed by Baytown police after going on a shooting rampage, killing two and injuring two others. 

Police later revealed that Welch had killed other people before the rampage at an oilfield. 

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Baytown police released the names of the man and women found dead. Scott Nolet’s mother, Suzanne Nolet, spoke with us Tuesday.

"I can’t get the guy's picture out of my head, the horns out of my head. I believe he was a walking devil," says Suzanne.

Suzanne says the bodies of her son and his common-law wife, Violet Parrish, laid decomposing for at least a week or two prior to the rampage. 

"I don’t know why they were out in the oilfields. I can only assume they were overlooking the water after work, because they liked to be near the water," says Nolet. 

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She says she believes Ron knew her son, but doesn’t understand why he killed him. 

She tells us, she went back to the scene of the crime to say goodbyes, but was disturbed by what she saw. 

"That moment was very hard, because I could see how the bodies were laying," says Nolet. "There was just so much blood and the smell, the smell was very bad."


The mother says her son was a talented tattoo artist and always sported a smile and that her love will never end. 

"He will always be my baby," says Nolet. 

The suspect, Welch, was shot and killed by police after the rampage, as he attempted to come back to the initial crime scene and confront officers.