Family of 23-year-old Rudy Pena who died after attending Astroworld speaks out

One of the Astroworld families who lost their son during the November concert returned to Houston Monday to pay their respects. 23-year-old Rodolfo 'Rudy' Pena was one of the 10 people who lost their lives. 

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Maria de Los Angeles Pena burst into tears as soon as she saw her son’s picture hanging at the Astroworld memorial. 

It’s the first time the family from Laredo has been to NRG Park since the tragic November 5th concert that took 23-year-old Rudy Pena’s life and nine others. 

"I think about all his memories that I had with him. And now I’m not going to have them anymore," Jennier Pena, Rudy's sister said. 

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Rudy’s siblings, Eduardo, Jennifer and Guadalupe say for the last several weeks, they’ve been grieving privately and holding on to the happy memories they have with Rudy.

In October, they celebrated his birthday. 

The family also hosted a get together right before the concert. 

"We were all together. We were having dinner at my mom’s house. He’s like I’m going to Travis Scott, I’m doing this and we were like go for it! Go have fun," Jennifer said. 

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But hours later, they got the call that Rudy was unconscious. 

"We’re like no he’s okay. He’s okay. He’s going to come back, maybe he just ran out of air," Jennifer said. 


"He felt unstoppable and untouchable. He was somebody real amazing. For that to happen to him, you still don’t believe it. it’s astonishing to be honest," Guadalupe Pena, Rudy's brother said. 

For now, the family says endless questions race through their heads, as they try to figure out what exactly happened to their brother at Astroworld. 

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"Why did it go down like this? Who was there with him? Who was not there with him? What was he thinking? Our questions may not be answered, not all of them, but as long as we kind of get an idea to know a little more in detail what happened," Guadalupe said. 

The Pena family has also filed a lawsuit against Live Nation and Travis Scott for gross negligence.