Copa América quarterfinals invade Houston: Fans excited for Argentina vs. Ecuador match

Soccer fans are buzzing with anticipation in Houston as Argentina and Ecuador are slated to compete in the Copa América quarterfinals at NRG Stadium. Spirits are high among the supporters who have traveled from across the globe to cheer on their national teams.

Dedicated aficionados gathered for a vibrant tailgate sharing their passion and hopes for the upcoming match. Argentine fan, Lucas Strom, emphasized the significance of victory, "For us as Argentinos, you have to win; if you don’t win, it’s a bad year," he stated before the kickoff.

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Zoey Arias, another enthusiastic supporter, expressed her excitement, "It’s amazing, I cannot believe it. It’s the second time that I see [Lionel] Messi. I saw him in Miami with Inter, but it’s the first time I will see him with the Argentina team, so it’s so exciting for me."

Excitement is building not just in Houston but around the world, as fans prepare to watch the clash of these two teams. The stakes are high and emotions run deep, with one Argentine fan, Sebastian Bustillos, who has tattooed Lionel Messi on his forearm, reflecting on his connection to the team: "I got this tattoo two years ago before the World Cup because I’m from 2003, so I never saw the national team win anything. I saw all the losses and none of the wins."

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Ecuadorean fans are equally hopeful, despite the challenge posed by their formidable opponents and soccer legend Leonel Messi. Carlos Lazcano, who traveled from New Jersey with his sons, remains optimistic, "It’s nice, we’re here with all the attitude. We know Argentina is a tough competitor, but hey, we’re going to win. Today Ecuador is taking it; Argentina, you’re going back home."

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The competition extends beyond countries, infiltrating households. Yvette and Casey Harris, a married couple finding themselves rooting for opposing teams, anticipate a thrilling match; Yvette predicts a 3-0 victory for Argentina, while Casey foresees a 1-1 draw leading to extra time, with Messi scoring the decisive goal for Argentina.

The match is set to commence at 8 p.m., with the victor advancing to the semi-final round. Passionate fans will be watching eagerly to see which team is triumphant and moves one step closer to the prestigious Copa América title.