Driver wanted for doing dangerous donuts on busy road

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The video shows the driver of a white car intentionally doing a donut on one of Tampa Bay's busiest streets. Neighboring vehicles swerve dangerously to avoid hitting the car.

Now Pinellas Park Police are looking for the driver of the car and his three passengers. Investigators say they are all male, and all young.

The incident happened recently on 66th Street North and 121st Avenue. Police say it was not the only location where the car was seen causing problems. It was also seen elsewhere around town pulling similar shenanigans.

The Pinellas Park incident is part of a concerning growing trend. Young drivers do a daringly dangerous maneuver in the middle of traffic, videotape it, and post it on social media sites for bragging rights.

Pinellas Park Police ask anyone with information about the incident to give them a call.