Dog rescue finds itself in a unique search for a forever home

The rescue group Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas has been around since 2007. They’ve rescued 1,200 dogs and, now, one cat.

“We pull Basset Hounds from local shelters in and around Houston and also the San Antonio area. We also accept owner surrenders when people can no longer care for their dogs," said Alison Malone with Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas.

Cookie and Bella’s owner could no longer care for them. That’s how they ended up with Basset Buddies Rescue.

“When we heard their story, we knew we had to keep them together,” Malone said.

This family is fostering Cookie and Bella.

“Sometimes it’s hard to see them go, but you know they’re going to a really good home,” said Kaye Lutes.

The family has fostered many Basset Hounds in the past.

“We have never fostered a cat,” Lutes said.

Tony Dekerlegand says one of the reasons he fosters is his daughter.

“I’m going to get all teared up, but she sees where these dogs are mistreated,” said Dekerlegand. “Sometimes, not all the time, sometimes they’re given up because of circumstances."

The only thing fosters have to pay for is food. The rescue group covers all medical expenses.

“If people are wondering about a breed and people want to know them a little better before they make a commitment to adopt definitely we encourage fostering and we give our fosters first choice to adopt the dog they have in their home,” Malone said.