Dirty diaper dumper in The Heights: Neighbors want to know who is responsible

Neighbors in The Heights are wondering who is responsible for throwing bags of soiled adult diapers on their streets.

Kevin Munsterman finds them often - the latest on Wednesday morning near his home on Studewood Street. He says it's been happening for a year but has occurred almost every day as of late.

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"I go around and pick up trash in the neighborhood on a daily basis. I don't like to look at it," Munsterman said. "I was disgusted. I get grossed out pretty easily. But if I don't pick it up, it's probably not going to get picked up."

Pictures of adult dirty diapers found off Studewood Street in the Heights area. (Submitted photo) 

Small, clear bags of used adult-sized diapers covered in feces and urine have been spotted or found on Studewood Street between 14th and 11th streets. Posts are made on neighborhood sites like NextDoor about the filthy mystery.

"It's gotta be someone who's a caregiver overnight from residence to residence, and they don't have the facility to throw stuff away," said Munsterman.

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FOX 26 contacted nearby facilities that accommodate seniors about this matter but haven't heard back yet.

Dumping trash illegally comes with hefty fines in the City of Houston.