Destined for Asian slaughterhouses saved by Texas mom

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After landing at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, four dogs from Asia spend their first night ever inside an air-conditioned home filled with love and treats.

It’s hard for most Americans to comprehend what was supposed to happen to the friendly happy pups.

“They were all destined for slaughterhouses in China and Vietnam,” said Amy Stanton, Texas director of Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue.

The dog meat trade is alive and thriving in many Asian countries and millions of dogs each year pay the ultimate price -- their lives.

“It takes days for them to get to the slaughterhouse,” Stanton said.

The ones who suffocate or get crushed to death in cages on the ride are the lucky ones.

What’s waiting for the survivors is 48 hours of torture.

“They do things like throw dogs alive into boiling pots, they hang them up and skin them alive,” Stanton said. “They cut off their legs.”

Some dogs are even crucified and beaten for two days. The reason? Some dog meat eaters believe the torture tenderizes the meat and makes it an aphrodisiac.

Many of the captured dogs must witness the horror, knowing they are next.

“Getting euthanized is one thing in America but what these dogs are going through is just beyond your worst imagination,” said Stanton.

Through her rescue group, Stanton saves hundreds of dogs each year from Texas kill shelters. She and others are now finding ways to save dogs like these on the verge of being slaughtered.

With the help of Soi Dog, a non-profit organization based in Thailand, Stanton got the four dogs to Houston.

From Houston, the dogs will find forever homes in Austin.

If you’d like to know more about Stanton’s group and her efforts to rescue more Asian dogs or how you can get involved here are some links: