COVID-19 patient on Hydroxychloroquine for two weeks says she's feeling great

"You either take this really big risk with the medicine. You know very little about or you sit and do nothing," said Kristi Doss when FOX 26 interviewed her almost two weeks ago.

That's when her 65-year-old mother Janet Thomas started taking Hydroxychloroquine a promising yet controversial treatment for COVID-19.

Thomas is one of dozens of residents at the Resort at Texas City who has tested positive for COVID-19 and agreed to try the drug.

"I'm very confident with the decision we made there was always the chance always a risk that we were taking and we knew that and we still know that lucky for her it worked out well," Doss said Tuesday.

Thomas has underlying medical issues: diabetes and kidney disease.

"She hasn't had any side effects that they've noted and they are watching her very very closely because of her medical history and it's Avery serious medication," said Doss.

Thomas told us she's had no COVID-19 symptoms and feels great.

She can't credit the Hydroxychloroquine but says she's glad she decided to take it.

"Because I feel great. I feel normal I feel like it has helped a whole bunch," Thomas said