Convicted sex offender on the run after judge grants him 5 bonds for human trafficking

A convicted sex offender is now a wanted fugitive after a Harris County Criminal District Court Judge granted him five felony bonds on human trafficking charges.

His name is Nduka Agidigbi.

"He went to prison for eight years for compelling prostitution," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "He also has a possession with intent to deliver. And he also failed to register as a sex offender."

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According to court documents, Agidigbi's street name is ‘K1’ or ‘Kill Them’, and he spent more than two decades forcing children and young women into prostitution. 

But that didn't stop 183rd Criminal District Court Judge Chuck Silverman from granting him bond in 2019.


"Compelling prostitution, trafficking of persons, aggravated promotion of prostitution, trafficking of persons, aggravated promotion of prostitution," Kahan said. "So, he's out on three bonds, $100,000 each."

Agidigbi picks up two more felony charges.

But instead of revoking his three bonds, Judge Silverman gives him two more bonds.


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"He gets popped again for two more trafficking of persons and trafficking children for compelling prostitution," said Kahan.

The convicted sex offender is out of jail on bonds totaling $800,000.

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The last time he even appeared in Judge Chuck Silverman's court was March 2021.

He's now a wanted fugitive.

"Judges Magistrates for some reason they can't get it that these people are repeat violent offenders and there's no way we are going to solve this problem unless we truly prosecute the perpetrators the traffickers," said Jennifer Hohman, a human trafficking expert and founder of Fight For Us.
"Us continuously allowing these guys out on bond to never come back to court or continuously sitting in court and get off its sending a message to the community that we don't care."

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