Combating human trafficking in Houston and around the world

Human trafficking is a major concern all across the world, including here in Houston.

There are eye-opening lessons one local organization recently learned from a trip around the world.

“In Houston, in Manila, in Mumbai - this idea that men have this privilege. When men have this money, they feel like they can do this,” said Dr. Bob Sanborn with Children at Risk.

Dr. Sanborn is the CEO and president of the nonprofit and dedicates the majority of his time trying to figure out how to best eradicate human trafficking.

The most recent feat took him around the world.

“It was a heartbreaking trip, but it was also a trip filled with a lot of hope, that there are ways to do things around trafficking that can treat victims,” he said.

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He accompanied filmmakers who were shooting a second part to their documentary called "Stop Trafficking". The goal is to learn how trafficking problems manifest in different countries and their efforts combating them.

“The idea is to bring a lot of awareness so that everyone understands that this is a worldwide problem. It's not going to change until we start to change the culture," said Dr. Sanborn.

The problem is the same, but the solutions were different, and something Dr. Sanborn says we can utilize like involving parents as part of the solution.

“Many times in the US we say the parents did something wrong, they are not part of the solution or how do we have the states take care of these victims when indeed there's a lot to be learned from the family as well,” said Dr. Sanborn.

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Human trafficking lawyer Caroline Roberts also accompanied Dr. Sanborn and realized the US was missing one key component to a solution that other countries offered.

“There was more longterm housing options and longer continuum of care,” she said.

“With enough time and devotion to victims, these victims can have a regular life.”

Caroline and Dr. Sanborn are currently working on legislation that they plan to present in the fall.

The documentary "Stopping Trafficking Part 2" is scheduled to be released sometime later this year.