College Station ranked among top 15 safest cities for trick-or-treating: study

As we enter spooky season, it's important for parents to ensure their children are safe when they go trick-or-treating, and a recent study had one Central Texas suburb ranked among the safest cities for just that. 

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The study was conducted by looked at key safety factors across more than 300 cities and created a list of the 25 safest cities for trick-or-treating this Halloween. Through its findings, College Station was ranked No. 14 on the list due to its low number of registered sex offenders, a high number of law enforcement, and pedestrian safety. 

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Here's a complete list of the highlights for College Station: 

  • Violent crime incidents: 233 per 100,000
  • Property crime incidents: 2,079 per 100,000
  • Average annual pedestrian fatalities: .86 per 100,000
  • Low number of registered sex offenders: 65 per 100,000
  • Law enforcement employees: 176 per 100,000
  • The top 5 safest cities: Gilbert, Arizona (#1); Cambridge, Massachusetts (#2); Cary, North Carolina (#3); Naperville, Illinois (#4); Rochester, Minnesota (#5)


Gilbert, Arizona took the title of the safest city for trick-or-treating, while Murietta, California was ranked the least safe. 

For a complete look at the list and how other cities fared in comparison, click here.