Club-goer reacts to triple homicide at Houston nightclub, police identify victims

Houston Police are investigating a triple homicide after three local rappers were shot at a Midtown nightclub. 

It was open mic night at DD Sky Club and for three area rappers trying to break into the business, they will now never have that opportunity. 

FOX 26 spoke with a club-goer who was there and recording as the deadly shots rang out. 

“The guy who was shot was like not even a half a foot away. He was literally centimeters away from me,” explains Dante Grigsby.

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With one up and coming rapper performing on stage, you see heads turn in the video as several people notice fists starting to fly. Then seconds later, gunshots, one after another fired into the crowd at the club, leaving four people shot. 

Three of them died there inside DD Sky Club including 19-year-old JaiLyn Bernard Page, 21-year-old Bryce Lee Goddard, and 22-year-old Christopher Donshae Jackson.

"As close as this wall is to me a guy died. Bullets were literally going past me. It was pretty traumatizing,” Grigsby explains. 

After the shooting stopped, there are agonizing screams as loved ones realize three people lay shot and dying. A fourth person who was shot, 17-year-old Sir John Mitchell, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.


We've learned two of the victim's mothers and a sister were there to watch the young men perform at what's described as a family-friendly event designed to help musical artists network, showcase their talent and grow their career. 

"Families were there to support their people, their family. It was a real positive event at first,” says Grigsby.

"There was a fight inside the bar. At least two individuals pulled out weapons and shot into the crowd. There is quite a bit of surveillance footage that we're reviewing at this time,” says HPD Commander Caroleta Johnson.

The deadly gunshots rang out around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday night inside the midtown club on Chenevert at Gray on the second floor of a shopping plaza. 

"My heart goes out and my condolences for the people who lost their lives. It was a very sad time,” says Grigsby.


A security guard says he searched both men and women before allowing them into the club but he's not allowed to search the women as thoroughly.

FOX 26 also looked to find out if the club was allowed to be open at all.

According to the Houston Fire Department, the HFD Occupancy Task Force inspected the business twice due to complaints in May and October and “each time found the business to be closed.”  

Because bars still are not allowed to be open due to the pandemic, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission issued an emergency suspension Wednesday of the club's liquor license as TABC investigates. 

TABC says DD Sky Bar is currently operating on the record as a bar, but bars are not allowed to be open in Harris County due to the pandemic.

The Houston Police Department is still searching for the shooters.