Clear Creek ISD student, teacher test positive for COVID-19

As of Tuesday afternoon, Clear Creek Independent School District reports 2 positive COVID-19 cases.

One case involves a staff member at Greene Elementary. Elaina Polsen, Clear Creek ISD spokesperson, says the case was reported last week before in-person learning began.

The second case involves a kindergarten student at Ross Elementary. The student was reported on the first day of on-campus learning.

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Polsen says staff were given a heads up about the student last week while the students was engaged in online learning.

"A family member of the child had informed the teacher that the child had direct exposure to someone who had tested positive for COVID-19," Polsen explained.

However, the student was dropped off at school on Monday.
"When the student arrived yesterday with a mask on, campus staff knew what to do and they immediately took action," she added.

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Polsen says the school nurse confirmed the student was COVID-19 positive and was immediately taken to an isolation room. She says the student never entered a classroom.

"The family was immediately notified to go and get their child. We communicated [the case] because we committed that we would but there's no concern at Ross Elementary of transmission, spread," Polsen told FOX 26.

She says she does not know why the family still brought the child to school. However, she hopes this serves as a message to keep your child at home if he or she has been exposed to COVID-19, shows symptoms, or tests positive for the virus.

Polsen says the district has been preparing for this since March and has involved parents. The district's safety plan and videos on their website and it's case count. It includes having at least two nurses in each school and hiring more custodial staff.

“We will have positive cases of COVID-19," she stated. "What we have in place is a process to ensure that doesn't become a community spread."

“You certainly applaud them for taking quick, decisive action to get the kid home and make sure people are aware," said Zeph Capo, President of the Houston Federation of Teachers.

He says that type of transparency is what is needed to build trust. However, he believes, there is a lot at stake.

“That's a lot of responsibility for them to take on when they made that decision and they're holding the lives of kids and staff in their hands. I hope the best for them, but we will hold them accountable if any of our members are harmed by their decision," Capo added.

Clear Creek ISD first phase of in-person learning involves bringing 10,000 of its 42,170 students. There are 5,200 employees in the district. As part of the district's response plan, if COVID-19 cases exceed 10 percent in more than 10 of its schools or facilities, the district will close and resume online learning.