Calls for Fox to fire Laura Ingraham after she mocks deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle

Several rappers and other celebrities are calling on Fox News to fire host Laura Ingraham over recent comments she made about the late Nipsey Hussle. 

Last week, the day after his memorial, Ingraham laughed and mocked rapper YG's song "FDT" which featured Nipsey and painted President Donald Trump in a negative light. 

Many believe Ingraham's comments were inappropriate, but did she have the right to say what she did?

"It's important to distinguish between what you have a right to say, and what is right to say," says attorney Jason Rowe. "According to the First Amendment, she can say it. Whether or not it's appropriate, I do think she went too far."

Despite having First Amendment legal protection, there is a certain unspoken rule that protects the recently deceased from being put under the microscope.

"You don't speak ill of the dead, that's a basic rule," said Rowe. "What she said was classless, unnecessary, and it mocked Nipsey's memory for a lot of people."

The natural next question is, how will Fox News respond? Is Ingraham's role as host in danger?

"That's what that fan base wants to hear," said Todd Smith, owner of Regal Media. "They want to hear someone mock the hip-hop culture and mock the African-American community. I don't think they will do anything."