Burglaries continue to plague business owners in the Heights

“It’s like running rampant and nobody’s getting caught or charged with these crimes,” said Elliot Roddy, owner of Elliot’s Table.

While customers go to Elliot’s Table in the Heights to sit and enjoy the food, these criminals go to the restaurant when it's closed to crawl around on the floor.

“The first time was like a month after we opened,” Roddy said. “They came in right through the glass door and crawled on the ground looked for a safe and they ended up taking two iPads, a cash drawer that had nothing in it, and a TV.”

Roddy believes the same two nightcrawlers broke in a second time but took nothing.

“And they went right to the same places looking for the same thing,” he said.

Police are now looking for two men who made entry into Sunny’s Food Store at 1401 Heights Blvd through the ceiling.

You can see shortly after the plaster falls, a man helps himself to the cash register. A second burglar’s feet can be seen dangling but he doesn’t drop down into the store.

Police showed up within two minutes of the alarm going off, but the pair was long gone.

At the end of January, HPD told frustrated business owners they would take a more proactive approach instead of reactive.

“If they want to break in, they are going to break in until somebody catches them,” said Roddy.

Roddy is making sure burglars will leave his restaurant empty-handed.

“They can break in all they want, I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “We just won’t leave anything valuable. If we have to start taking everything we will.”

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