Astros fans in Philadelphia look to change flights, hotels after Game 3 postponement

Astros fans in Philadelphia for Game 3 of the World Series will have to wait one more day. Major League Baseball decided to postpone Monday’s game because of rain.

"It’s unexpected," said PJ Theroux, an Astros fan. "Everything is pushed back a day, but we’ll be back here tomorrow and get a win."

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For many fans, the postponement will cause them to change their travel plans.

"We already have a flight on [November] 3rd going back," said one fan from Houston. "Changing that flight is going to be kind of hard, but I’ll try. Everyone is down here for the World Series. Everything is booked. I don’t know what we can do."

The crowd in Philadelphia voiced their displeasure by booing as the postponement was announced about one hour before scheduled first pitch. For some fans, Monday was their only chance to try and catch one of the World Series games in person.

"I can’t stay here tomorrow," said an Astros fan from North Carolina. "I have to go back to work, but we can hang out in the ballpark as long as they let us."

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A light rain was falling in Philadelphia when the game was postponed. However, forecasters expect heavier precipitation for when the game was scheduled to have been played.

All of the World Series games are now scheduled to be pushed back one day.

"This is the reason why every stadium needs a roof on it," said Todd Theroux.