Armored vehicle employee robbed at ATM

Just after 3:40 p.m. Thursday the Harris County Sheriffs Office got a call of a robbery and shots fired.

They say a Brinks employee was trying to service an ATM at a Chase bank off Wallisville Road.

"As she was just finishing servicing one machine the suspect approached her, a black male suspect approached her with a gun and pointed the gun at her and demanded the money, she dropped the money," says robbery Lt. Jeff Stauber.

The suspect got into a truck driven by someone else. Another Brinks employee inside the armored vehicle saw what happened and decided to ram the truck.

"After the Brinks driver rammed the suspect vehicle, one of the suspects got out and fired shots at the Brinks driver," says Lt. Stauber.

No one was hurt, but Diego Hurtado's car got hit by a bullet.

"I was about to get sat down in the restaurant and as soon as we heard the gun shots we tried to run towards the back away from the windows and then once we heard the truck go away we came outside to see what was happening and that's when I saw that," says Hurtado.

The suspects got away with the money, but didn't get far before their truck broke down one block behind the businesses.

"It almost disabled the vehicle but it was drivable just enough to go from the Chase bank to this location where the suspects car jacked another vehicle," says Lt. Stauber.

The Flores' live in front of the second scene and say they are grateful no one got hurt.

"Apparently there was some kind of bank robbery, the getaway tuck happens to be in from of our house, ya so it's pretty scary," says Gina Flores.

"When she got in the garage maybe 20 minutes later everything went down," says Luis Flores.

The three to four suspects got away in a 2014 blue Chevy Silverado. Know anything? Call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.