'Absolutely no lighting,' residents in Houston's district F asking for increased safety measures

Saving the streets of Houston may be as easy as turning on a few lights. However, getting that to actually happen could come at the expense of residents. 

FOX 26 spoke with a city leader who plans to make her district brighter in the name of safety.


Councilwoman Tiffany Thomas says policing should not be the center of public safety, but it should complement community efforts.

"Absolutely no lighting, it's totally dark," said Taha Saleem, a resident of District F on Houston’s West side.

"I live here too, this is my city as well, this is my neighborhood," said Councilwoman for District F, Tiffany Thomas.


On a mission to light up District F and address those problem areas for residents. Councilwoman Thomas says she has been active in talking about public safety.

Residents like Taha Saleem told us that lighting has become a real safety concern over the years. 

"In this community’s board meeting we have talked about sending in requests all the time," said Saleem. "I was the 5th person to send in a request to Houston public works."

"The request was sent, and I did receive a response saying 15 plus light poles and to have them installed would cost us $2,400 in totality," he added.

A fee councilwoman Thomas is aware of and says she's ready to address.

"Many people are not aware they have the ability to submit lighting requests," said Thomas. "Rarely is there a fee and if there is a fee it’s no more than up to $200 that the resident is responsible for paying for up to one year."

"I’m what I’m willing to do as a district member is use my district office funds to cover the fee," she added. 


This is a sigh of relief for Saleem who says he will be reaching out to her office. 

"To be honest it’s the first time I’m hearing this," said Saleem. "There is somebody on the council that is actually working on this issue that’s really good news to hear."

Councilmember Thomas will hold a Public Safety Town Hall this month on June 22nd at the the Tracey Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042. She will share details on these and other public safety and community projects for District F and conduct a forum with Houston Police Chief Troy Finner.