8th grader left cross-eyed twice following bullying incidents

“It’s not nearly as bad as last time but it’s still noticeable,” said 14-year-old Dustin Johnson.

The Livingston junior high student is right. Last year, a bully body slammed him to the ground.

“I took him out and I put him in K through 12 in the home school program,” said Dustin’s mother Amanda Anderson. “We did that for 8 months.”

Dustin had to wear an eye patch for several months before his eye surgery last fall.

“I was bullied from that,” Dustin said. “I was called pirate. I was asked if I had any booty.”

About two weeks after the surgery Dustin’s eyes were back to normal.

“His whole character changed after his eyes were fixed,” Anderson said. “He started smiling again.”

Dustin wanted to go back to public school but said he didn’t want to deal with any bullying.

But unfortunately, last Friday the bullying reared its ugly head in the form of a 10th grader who hit Dustin on the bus.

“I felt a slap on my head right there,” Dustin said while reaching for the back of his neck.

“He had a buzzing sound in his head and an excruciating headache,” his mother said.

It was Dustin’s younger sister who told him he appeared cross-eyed once again.

“I wanted to cry it broke my heart,” Anderson said. “It was hard enough to go through the first time and to know he’ll probably have to go through it again it was scary.”

Dustin’s mother says Livingston High School is investigating the 10th grade bully who hasn’t been seen on the bus since he hit Dustin.

“I hope he gets punished properly,” Dustin said. “I don’t want to wish people the worst.”

“The problem is getting worse,” his mother said. “it’s not getting any better.”

In a statement Livingston I.S.D. says out of confidentiality and respect for our students we cannot confirm or deny the status of student discipline.

Dustin’s doctor says his eye could possibly correct itself in time, and he won’t have to undergo a second surgery.