72-year-old Houston man's dying wish to meet his boxing idols comes true in a way no one expected

Do you have someone in your life who would carry out your final wish no matter what? Melvin Charlot did. 

"The love of my life," said Melin's wife Bobbie Charlot. "There can never be another Melvin never."

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For 20 years, Melvin and Bobbie meant everything to each other.

"We found out he had cancer June 2020," Bobbie said.

The 72-year-old retired City of Houston employee had 12 rounds of chemo to fight pancreatic cancer.

"And he had his first surgery that February of 2021," said Bobbie.

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March of 2022 brought more bad news to Melvin. He was diagnosed with colon rectal cancer.

"I know how he always talked about boxing his favorite boxers, and then he talked about the Charlo boys," Bobbie said.

"Melvin was a super fan of my and my brother," said Germell Charlo.

If you're a boxing fan you know these two.

Jermell is an undisputed lightweight world champion and his twin brother, Jermall, is also an undefeated world champion.

"We knew that he was terminal and of course time is of the essence," said Bery Crspin with Twilight Wish.

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Once they heard about Melvin's wish, the non-profit was on a mission to make it happen.

"Even Melvin boxed when he was younger," Crispin said. "Sometimes they would borrow money to watch boxing matches on pay per view."

The day Melvin was going to meet the twin brother boxing stars had arrived.

"I said hold on Melvin, hold on," Bobbie said. "The boys are coming hold on."

But just hours before his wish was about to come true, Melvin passed away. Bobbie didn't let her broken heart stop her from fulfilling Melvin's wish. She and Jermell met.

"I was sad that day when they came. I was hurt," Bobbie said. "But inside I was happy knowing my husband was looking down on me, Bobbie you did it."


Twilight Wish was there when Melvin's wish came true.

"You could feel his presence in that room," Crispin said.

"I do wish that I was able to meet him," said Jermell Charlo. "I do wish that I could have let him come see me train."

"My condolences to the family, which is my family too," said Jermall Charlo.

Say what? Turns out Bobbie and the twins discovered they had intertwined roots in their Louisiana pasts. The twins great grandfather and Melvin's father were brothers.

"Maybe Melvin mostly wanted to just be able to bring the Charlo's together, and I feel like that's something he did," Jermell Charlo said.

"Every time we train, and Every time we fight, we will always have him in spirit," said Jermall Charlo.

"I did it for you babe, and I know you're proud of me," said Bobbie. "I love you. Your wish did come true."

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