3-year-old girl fatally struck by car in Sugar Land

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A 3-year-old is dead after she was run over in her own driveway around 10:00 a.m. by her father’s car in Fort Bend County. Distraught family members collapsed and could barely be consoled after learning little Dia Nebhnani was killed tragically in the Avalon at Riverstone Sub-Division as she and her sister were outside preparing to leave with their father.

Nick Nebhnani, Dia's father, says he was trying to cool the car in their driveway. So he stuck one foot into his Mercedes and mashed the brake and reached in to press the push button ignition starter.

"Somehow by doing that the car did get put in reverse. He then tried to jump in the car and stop the vehicle but it still ran over the child,” explains Major Chad Norvell with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. 3-year-old Dia died there in front of her 4-year-old sister.

"Now I don’t have my little one,” cried Dia’s mom Shannon Sadeghegi.

"They moved in less than two weeks ago. So early that no one’s even had a chance to meet them,” says neighbor Ned Rios.

"For me it’s terrifying. I never thought this would happen,” adds neighbor Miheer Thakkar.  

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing the dad’s home surveillance camera, drawing his blood to see what was in his system and impounding his vehicle.  

"We will take the car from here to our sheriff’s office to download data from the vehicle,” explains Major Norvell, but investigators say they do not believe Dia’s dad will be charged. Norvell says it appears the 3 year old’s death is a horrible accident.

"It could have been avoided,” Dia’s mom cries. She wasn’t there when her daughter was run over. The couple is in the middle of a divorce and Dia’s dad has temporary custody.

Investigators say a neighbor also witnessed the 3-year-old being run over by her father’s car and again they do not expect to file charges.