3 officers injured in Houston Police Shootout speak exclusively to FOX 26

It's been a week since three officers with the Houston Police Department were injured during a shootout with a suspect near downtown. Fortunately, all three officers have since been released from the hospital and the shooter is behind bars. 

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"I was shot in my right forearm right near my joint," said Officer Daniel Hayden. "My whole arm went numb I couldn’t feel my arm my gun arm."

The 32-year-old Hayden is a 3-year veteran with HPD and one of three officers fired upon in broad daylight in Third Ward last Thursday.

Police say Roland Caballero, 31, a wanted fugitive fired dozens of shots from a gun illegally altered. He apparently opened fire on the officers after he crashed following a chase.

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"When we pulled up on scene when we first saw that he crashed we saw him punch out the car with a gun," Hayden said. "We just had to get out of the way at that point."

 35-year-old Officer Nathan Gadson, a 4-year department veteran echoed his fellow officer's statement.

"Overwhelming support from the city from friends from across the nation," added Officer Nathan Gadson. "It's good to know that people still believe in what we do."

He was shot in the heel as he was exiting his patrol car.

"I would like to thank my training from the Marine Corp my good partners that I train with to keep myself in the fight," Gadson added. "I just hope that everybody sees that we don't back down from the evil that's in our city."

Finally, Officer Anthony Alvarez, 28, who has been with the HPD for two years was the last officer to be released from the hospital on Monday talked about his recovery. 

"I was shot in the inner thigh causing my femur to break, and the bullet stayed lodged in my buttock area," said Houston Police Officer Anthony Alvarez. "What was going through my mind when I got shot was making sure the suspect wasn't going to come back towards us keeping my eyes on him." 

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"I told my buddy Gadson to put a tourniquet on me because man I was hurting," he concluded.