2 brothers hope to be reunited and adopted together

Across our area, there's a huge need for more foster and adoptive families.  In this month's "Finding Families" Sally MacDonald introduces you to two brothers who want to be adopted together. 

"They need to be healed, and they need someone to love them unconditionally, who's not going to give up on them and is going to help them heal through their past," said Atasha Kelley-Harris with Depelchin Children's Center. 

Levonte, 16, and Davarion or DJ, 14, have been in foster care for ten years now. 

We met the boys at Glory Fitness where owner Chris Boykins put them through a workout.  They love sports, books, video games and getting their hair styled.  "Rock" from AJ's Barber Shop gave them fresh cuts.

"Right now my goal is to get a job, and then when I grow up have a wife and kids," said Levonte. 

"It's hard. I think about him a lot," said DJ. 

The brothers currently live in different foster homes, something Deplechin Children's Center wants to change.

"They really only have each other here locally, and even though they're in two different homes and go to two different schools they really do have a desire to be together," said Kelley-Harris.

They say it doesn't matter what kind of family adopts them, just as long as they're reunited.

"The main reason I want to get adopted is I miss him.  The second reason is I'm tired of being in foster care and not with a real family," said Levonte.

If you are interested in adopting the brothers or any other child, start the process by emailing info@depelchin.org