14-year-old migrant allowed temporary stay in Houston to receive lifesaving dialysis

Congressman Al Green gave an update on the teen migrant who is receiving lifesaving dialysis at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

14-year-old Eduardo Hernandez was brought to the United States by his mother when he was just 3-years old.

He along with his mother was deported to Mexico, despite being from Honduras. After hearing of their story, Congressman Green stepped in to help.


Congressman Green announced their 14-day humanitarian parole was extended allowing Eduardo to get the life-saving medical attention he needs at Texas Children's Hospital. The parole expires on Saturday.

Hernandez is a dialysis patient at Texas Children's Hospital and is being dialyzed three times a week.

"Eduardo is home for now," said Congressman Green. "He's home and he's going to be given the opportunity to work with his lawyer to have the removal proceedings put aside."

When the period ends on Saturday, another period begins for Hernandez and his family to work with their lawyer.

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"We don't know how long this is going to take," Green said during the conference.

Hernandez is currently on a waitlist for an organ transplant.

"He is my constituent," Green stated "My constituents get our service regardless of where they are in the world."


Eduardo's mother is thankful her son is able to get the medication he needs and has plans for his future for now. Eduardo is taking one step at a time but, he already knows what he wants to do when he grows up: join the military.

Eduardo is still in need of a kidney donation and the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with his treatment.