This is how it's supposed to work - City, county, state and federal government with one solution

 Ring the bells....and bring out the banners...because it appears Houston city hall and elected statewide leaders are apparently "working together" for the greater good.

 Exhibit A - Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham buying more time from the feds so that shortchanged Houstonians can access more than $40 million in long overdue re-location money.

"I'd like to thank HUD for an extension of two more years for us to be sure the Hurricane Harvey funds get deployed.", Buckingham announced at a press conference at Houston City Hall.

 After a decade of open warfare - even county leaders welcomed the peace and potential for cooperation.

 Commissioner Buckingham credited Mayor John Whitmire - her long-time state senate colleague - for breaking the impasse. "Good relationships always help because there is a level of trust that might not have been there otherwise. I think one of my greatest frustrations when first taking office was that the mayor at that time, Mayor Turner had no interest in any kind of productive relationship."

The four apartment complexes that qualify for assistance under the extension include:

  • Biscayne at City View, 17030 and 17050 Imperial Valley Drive, Houston
  • Monticello Square Apartments, 5312 Clarewood Drive, Houston
  • Appian Way Apartments, 3200 N. MacGregor Way, Houston
  • Spring Village Apartments, 11810 Chimney Rock Road, Houston

To be eligible, the person must have been a tenant of the property on the buyout date.

  • Biscayne at City View: Nov. 17, 2021
  • Monticello Square Apartments: Aug. 24, 2021
  • Appian Way Apartments: May 5, 2021
  • Spring Village Apartments: June 2, 2021

MORE INFO - Texas General Land Office Uniform Relocation Assistance

Mayor Whitmire pledged to mend fences with Republicans in Austin for the benefit of the city - is it fair to say this is a major first step?

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