Closer look at Walker County wildfire damage

The Game Preserve wildfire in Walker County has been burning for three days as firefighters continue to battle it north of Huntsville. So far the fire has scorched more than 4,000 acres and is 60 percent contained. FOX 26 Gabby Hart got an up-close look at some of the damage the fire caused.

Walker County wildfire: Family returns home

The wildfire in Walker County has now burned more than 4,000 acres and is now 60 percent contained. Texas A&M Forest Service says all road ways are now open and evacuations are lifted. FOX 26's Shelby Rose spoke with a family who just returned home after being forced out as the fire got closer.

Walker County wildfire grows, 40% contained

The Walker County wildfire continued to grow on Saturday and has burned more that 4,200 acres and is 40 percent contained, according to Texas A&M Forest Service. FOX 26's Sherman Desselle has the latest on the efforts to put it out.

Walker County wildfire grows to 3,800 acres

A wildfire in Walker County has grown to 3,800 acres and is only 20 percent contained, according to the Texas A&M Forest Services. FOX 26's Shelby Rose spoke with the officials on how they're trying to get control of the flames.

Maui wildfire under investigation

Search teams in Maui continue the grueling task of coming through ash and debris from last week's deadly wildfires. It comes as Hawaiian officials face new questions about their response to the crisis. FOX Weather's Robert Ray has more.

Maui wildfires: Death toll tops 100

The death toll is now more than 100 in Maui more than a week after the deadliest wildfire in modern American history. FOX's Jake Karalexis has new details on what might have caused this devastating fire.

Maui wildfires: Residents wait to see damage

Thousands of anxious residents are still waiting to survey the damage following the deadliest wildfires in more than 100 years. FOX's Jake Karalexis is in Maui where FEMA officials are on the ground.

New questions on Maui emergency alert fumble

Recovery efforts are ramping up in Hawaii following this week's deadly wildfires. Meanwhile, some are questioning why the state's emergency alert system did not work as intended and how officials will warn residents when the next crisis comes. FOX's Matt Napolitano has more on the story.

Houstonians return from Maui fires

The death toll continues to rise on the Hawaiian Island of Maui after a wildfire tore through the area earlier this week. Tourists are now returning home after escaping the flames. FOX 26's Shelby Rose has the story of some Houstonians who made it back.