Latest TikTok challenge targets school property

It's a trend we've been covering all this week and FOX 26's Tiffany Justice tells us how school administrators are making it clear this challenge is not funny, and that you could possibly facing serious punishment.

REPORT: TikTok's algorithm is promoting sex, drug videos to children

Do you know what your children are watching on the video-sharing app TikTok. According to a recent report, TikTok's algorithm has been promoting videos of sex and drugs to minors. For more information, we turn to Alex Hammerstone, Director of Advisory Solutions for with TrustedSEC.

Steps to help make social media healthier

The downsides to social media are seemingly endless. It can be a source of unhealthy comparison, hate speech, wasted time, and the guilt that comes with it. But it's not all bad, according to our guest, who says we just need to learn how to made it healthy for us.