How is social media contributing to violent extremism?

The deadly mass shooting in Buffalo, which was live-streamed for two minutes before it was taken down, has many people calling for social media sites to crack down on violence and hate. So we’re taking a closer look at what role social media plays in violent extremism.

Angela After Dark: Does engagement ring size matter?

In tonight’s “Angela After Dark,” we discuss one woman’s viral video where she essentially criticized a ring given to her by her partner, saying it was too small. While it may have been a joke and her fiancé may have been a good sport about it, Dr. Angela Jones says comments like this can often hide subliminal messages of dissatisfaction and a need to help any more materialistically. If that’s the case, that’s a serious discussion that couples need to have sooner rather than later.

Elon Musk allegedly broke law while buying Twitter stock, claims lawsuit

Musk spent about $2.6 billion on Twitter stock — a fraction of his estimated wealth of $265 billion, the largest individual fortune in the world. In a regulatory filing Monday, Musk disclosed he may increase his stake after backing out of an agreement reached last week to join Twitter’s board of directors.