Chile's Humboldt penguin could be facing extinction, experts warn

The Humboldt penguin population along the central coast of Chile has drastically declined, with scientists finding only one breeding pair this year compared to 842 last year, putting the species at risk of extinction according to experts.

Federal money to clean up toxic site, create park

After sitting untouched for a half a century, a city owned toxic dumpsite on the near eastside may undergo a significant clean-up. FOX 26 Political Reporter Greg Groogan has more on what the site will soon become.

Heatwave in Mexico causes howler monkeys to drop dead from trees

Mexico is facing one of its harshest droughts, with temperatures hitting 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) on Monday, causing severe water shortages and leading to the deaths of at least 83 howler monkeys in Tabasco due to extreme heat and dehydration.

Galveston bridge collapse: What is vacuum gas oil?

As of right now, it is unknown how much oil is leaking or had leaked into the water around where a barge crashed into the Pelican Island bridge. However, we learned the barge has the ability to carry 30,000 gallons of vacuum gas oils, but what is vacuum gas oil?

New report ranks the most polluted places in the U.S.

The American Lung Association says 131.2 million people – that’s 39% of Americans – live in communities with failing grades for levels of pollution. Here's a map of the best and worst.

EPA finds dozens chemicals in new round of testing

The EPA has identified dozens of toxic chemicals in new testing samples and people living in what's being called a "cancer cluster" are reacting to the news. FOX 26's Sherman Desselle breaks down the new data.