Floyd's death triggers substantial reform in his hometown

339 days after George Perry Floyd breathed his last breath, the Mayor of his home town moved to permanently alter the manner in which Houston, Texas will be policed by embracing more than 50 far reaching recommendations of a citizen-led reform task force.

Understanding racism in health care

“Racism is not just police brutality," says Dr. Rechina Bicette, a Black doctor who's currently Associate Medical Director of Emergency Medicine for Baylor St. Lukes in the Houston Medical Center. "It’s not just unfair housing practices, but those systematic injustices filter down to the medical field as well.”

Trae tha Truth reflects on impact of George Floyd’s death a year later

One man who has played a key role in the movement for change in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death is Houston rapper Trae tha Truth. Before he led a 60,000 person march through the streets of Houston, Trae knew George Floyd from the Houston hip-hop scene and through philanthropy work.