Andre Johnson's remarks spark change in Houston Texans' franchise

Andre Johnson, the former Houston Texans wide receiver, brought his concerns about the team franchise to the Chief Executive Officer, Cal MCNair, which may have sparked change. 

Johnson said since the conversation, McNair and Johnson have built a strong relationship based on trust, open dialogue, and a shared commitment to the franchise's success.

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Cal became the new owner of the team after the former owner and his father, Bob McNair, passed away. 

In a recent interview with Fox26 Sports Director Will Kunkel, Johnson said he shared his thoughts about the team during the controversy surrounding the former executive Vice President of the Texans, Jack Easterby. 

Johnson said him and Cal had to get to know each other and the relationship was different.

According to our recent report, Easterby had a major voice in the Texans' franchise and parted ways with the team in 2022.

Johnson said, "The whole [Jack] Easterby thing was going on…it needed to be said, and I didn’t know how it would be received. Johnson also said that Cal made it clear to him that his opinion was valued". 

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Johnson was also named as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the third consecutive year. The 2024 class will be revealed the week of February.

During the interview, Kunkel asked Johnson about his HOF's nomination and what the title would mean to him if he was inducted.

Johnson said, "It would mean everything to me, if you look at the all the Hall of Famers, they always played with other Hall of Famers players. I've played with one that will eventually get in and that's JJ Watt. He played on the opposite side of the ball. I've never even thought about going to the HOF. I just want to be a great player or be mentioned as one of the best to ever play.  I never ever said I wanted to make it to the HOF. I think the HOF stuff really sat in with me until I was eligible for it, and it really hit me when I made the finalist list my first year. I'm really like I did something special. Because it's not that many guys who do that and make it their first year".