Wounded Fed-Ex Security Guard Awaits 49th Surgery

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Sixteen months after an armed gunman open fired at a Kennesaw based FedEx facility, Chris Sparkman is gearing up for his 49th surgery to repair the damage his body sustained during that rampage.

The 29 year old former security guard and Army veteran was the first person shot when Geddy Kramer walked into the freight warehouse and shot six people before turning the gun on himself. 

Since the April 2014 shooting, Sparkman and his new wife Jamie Lynn have been in and out of the hospital, in and out of surgical centers and spent more time in rehabs than they have at home, all the while they have depended on the kindness of their friends, family, church and the community to make ends meet.

According to a recent blog post, Jamie Lynn says Chris is now under doctors care at Emory Hospital.

"Christopher just spent the week at Emory, where he is now a patient of a team of surgeons we like very much. His visit was scheduled, and they performed multiple tests, replaced his picc line, and sharpened his IV nutrition recipe in hopes to get his body ready for surgery again in the late Fall or early winter of this year."

She goes on to say,

"Chris' poor quality of life has become a factor in determining the next surgery. We are asking for prayers for the doctors to use discernment and experience when deciding the timing of the 49th surgery, the one we believe God will use to give Chris his life back."

The Sparkman's have struggled under the financial strain of mounting medical bills. Not only did Chris spend his 29th birthday in the hospital, but his wedding anniversary too. 

The couple currently has a lawsuit against FedEx.