World rallies behind hero dog who saved girl from snake

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A day after a story about a hero dog named Haus - who saved a little girl from a snake bite - went viral, a fundraising page has raised more than $45,000.

Haus is now expected to survive the three snake bites he suffered to his leg.

"He wants to say that he loves me really much and that he was happy to help me," said Molly DeLuca, 7, who was nearly bitten on Wednesday afternoon by a snake in her backyard.

Haus stood his ground as a snake approached Molly.

Now, he's tired but mending. Pain meds and nearly constant antivenin have changed his outlook, from near death to nearly better.

"The bites were pretty severe," said a veterinarian at Blue Pearl in Carrollwood.

The story hit the front pages of international news sites. The DeLuca's started a page to pay medical bills, likely to far exceed $10,000.

More than 1,500 people have given an average of $30 each in the last 24-hours.

$44,000 later, Donya DeLuca is stunned.

"Across the nation, we hear so much on the news about the problems and things that aren't good, but it shows that there are so many people who care about you and your family and who just have big hearts," DeLuca explained.

She has her own theory about why this became such a big deal.

"They know the loyalty a dog has," she said of the people who have donated. "A part of you wants to help, because if you have had that loss, you don't want someone else to have that loss."

Vets said they can't really predict when Haus will be able to home. The key is weaning him off the antivenin.

They'll also have to repair muscles damaged by the bite, but he did go for a short walk Friday. It was a sign of healing amidst a community rooting for him to do so.

"They are sweet and kind and nice because they care about Haus," said Molly DeLuca.