Woman's domestic abuse video goes viral, why no criminal charges?

Thousands have watched Raymeikca Holmes' video following her volatile break-up with her 32-year-old fiancée on April 22ND. "The video of her injuries and her case have gone viral," said community activist Quanell X. The couple's clash happened at this convenience store on South Dairy Ashford. Holmes says she grabbed on to her ex's car after he tried to rear end her. "Banging on the window saying like chill my daughter's in the back seat," Holmes said. "He picked up speed so at this time it wasn't safe for me to let go because I was running."

Police officials tell us her ex's version has the woman jumping up on the car in a combative state so he says he drove off. After being rushed to Ben Taub Hospital police interviewed Holmes and her 3-year-old daughter. "It's self- evident I didn't do it to myself and my daughter is telling you specifically what's going on," Holmes said. Days turned into weeks Holmes says before she heard back from HPD. She was recently told no criminal charges would be filed against her ex because of a surveillance video. 

Police officials tell us Holmes' account and that video aren't consistent."She called and said could I come down to the station and tell her what's going on on that video," Holmes said. "I told her there's no point if you already dismissed it." 

"Present this case to a grand jury and let them determine after listening to both sides if and what charges should be filed," Quanell X said.