Woman claims Waller County jailers kept her naked, denied her basic hygiene

The controversial history of the Waller County Jail has just become more troubling. The lockup where Sandra Bland took her own life and a female inmate recently alleged sexual assault, confined Chelsea Schehr over this past weekend.

Accused of assaulting the father of her son on Saturday, Chelsea says was she isolated in a "suicide watch" cell, stripped of her clothing and given only a small towel to cover her private parts.

"The (male) guards taunting me and not being able to have enough clothing to cover my body," said Chelsea. "I was shivering in there, bleeding all over the place. I had crusted blood all over my legs." Bloody because Chelsea was naked and menstruating. She claims her pleas for underwear, a hygiene product and a doctor  were ignored by Waller County jailers.

And according to her, the ordeal got even worse.

That's because during the the entire 28 hours, the young woman sat mostly naked in the cell, male guards and even inmates were allowed to view her through a window or by surveillance camera.

When Colleen Schehr, Chelsea's mother, sought explanation, the answer left her staggered.

"I said were there males who were allowed to see her and he said, In a perfect world we'd have more females in here, but it's not a perfect world now is it?" said Colleen.

Waller County Sheriff Department's Chief Deputy Craig Davis confirmed to FOX 26 News that inmates on suicide watch are in fact stripped naked and given only a so called "suicide blanket". The deputy also confirmed staffing at the jail this weekend was largely male.

Colleen Schehr contends the treatment inflicted on her daughter amounts to dehumanizing cruelty.

"If this was your child how would you feel?" asked Colleen.

The Schehrs are calling on Waller County Commissioners to launch a complete investigation.