Woman calls FOX 26 employee her guardian angel

A normal trip to the grocery store turned into one Dorinda Gborie-Minor says she definitely will not forget. After putting the bags and her bright red wallet into her car, she locked it and then went to return her shopping cart.

"They smashed the window, grabbed the wallet and it was gone within a minute," says Gborie-Minor.

A day later and a few miles down the road, Kevin Tyler happened to notice something strange.

"Once I turned left on Westpark I noticed that there was a wallet laying on the ground, a red wallet so it was obvious it was there. I started to pull past it, but then I thought about it and said 'maybe somebody dropped it or it belonged to the house it was in front of'. So I put my truck in reverse, got the wallet, opened it up and it had a drivers license in it," says Tyler.

That wasn't all that was in it -- her credit cards, a social security card and a guardian angel pendant. So when she went to work Monday morning, she noticed she had a voicemail.

"I went to work and there was a voice message on my answering machine on work and the guy said 'well my name is Kevin, I think I might have something you might be looking for,'" says Gborie-Minor.

Two people that potentially never would have crossed paths met when Tyler returned her wallet. Dorinda Gborie-Minor says, "For him to even turn around, because he was driving and he saw the wallet, but he decided to turn around because he knew something was odd about the wallet sitting there. So he went into the wallet, looked up the information and was able to reach out to me. So definitely he is a guardian angel and also works for Fox News."

That's right, Kevin Tyler is a credit manager at FOX 26 and has worked with the company for 19 years. Gborie-Minor is now calling him her own personal guardian angel.

"We all have guardian angels, I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time, and if she sees fit, then I guess I am," says Tyler.