Woman attacked by multiple dogs in Montgomery County

"I'm sorry I'm still kind of traumatized", says Amanda Gutierrez while crying in her living room. She is currently bandaged up all over her legs and on her left arm.

It started last Tuesday when she went for a walk by her house.

Gutierrez says, "the pit bulls knocked me to the ground and I just remember thinking okay this is it I'm going to die because no one is helping me and then out of the corner of my eye I see a man coming with like a big black light and he hits one of the pitbulls over the head long enough for me to try and stand up".

Neighbor Daniel Cruz Ramirez came to the rescue. "I take a look and I saw her lying on the ground screaming and crying and like five dogs were biting her", says Ramirez.

Ramirez grabbed the closest thing her could find, a large speaker and began hitting the dogs that were biting her. The Montgomery County Sheriffs Office came to her aid and she was transported to Tomball Regional Medical Center. She stayed there for about a week, had staples put in, as well as surgery and was released Sunday night. Gutierrez was able to snap a picture of several of the dogs. She says neighbors have told her the dogs have attacked several others.

For now while the dogs are still at large, she will remain close to home.

"Once the dogs are caught because they are still on the loose, but once they are caught I'll feel a lot more safe", says Gutierrez.