Woman at center of decal debate doubles down on right to free speech

It became national news last week when a Fort Bend County woman placed a  message on the back of her pickup truck that reads “F--- Trump and F--- you for voting for him”.

When the Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehl's saw the sign, he sent out a social media post saying the woman, Karen Fonseca, could be charged. That caused an uproar on social media. Many people were split on the foul language and whether what Fosenca did was freedom of expression.

But in that same week, Fonseca found herself arrested, not for the words on the back of her truck, but for an outstanding warrant.

Then she added a new message on her truck, “F--Troy Nehls and 'F--- you for voting for him".

On the Factor is the truck owner herself Karen Fonseca along with State Representative Ron Reynolds.