Willis woman, her followers raise money to thank FedEx driver for going extra mile to protect deliveries

'Tis the season for receiving lots of packages at your front doorstep and crossing your fingers, it's still there when you get home. One FedEx delivery driver is getting high praise for going the extra mile to protect those packages.

When Ashton Sedita opened her Ring doorbell camera to check on a big delivery for her kids' Christmas gift, she thought she'd have to shoo away a lurking porch pirate. Instead, she saw something that nearly brought her to tears. 

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"Theft becomes very high around here this time of year. He took each monitor. there's two; put a trash bag on each individual monitor, pushed them together, and then additionally, wrapped it completely around. So, you couldn’t even tell what the item was from the top, bottom, side, you could not tell. He took the time to wrap the gift, so our children wouldn’t see," Sedita said. 

Sedita is a blogger with a large social media following. Over the weekend, she put out a message, asking the community to help find this delivery driver to thank him. 

"We did the Venmo challenge and some donated between a dollar and some up to a $100. We’re now up to $3,000 to give to Michael this holiday season. I want him to know that his kindness has inspired us to return the favor to him. And we all want him to know that we recognize his kindness and please keep being kind to everybody. He is amazing," Sedita said. 

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On Tuesday, Sedita invited him over to hand-deliver his surprise. 

"We just wanted to tell you thank you for being amazing. You’re inspiring so many people. I have some letters I additionally want to give you that some people have written just how you’ve inspired them and touched their hearts," Sedita said. 

Turns out, Michael Sterling is a single dad raising four kids ranging in age from two months old to 10-years-old. The surprise left Sterling speechless. 

"I don’t even know how to express. No one’s ever given me that much money before. I've had to earn everything I have. I wasn’t expecting all this from using FedEx trash bags to wrap some TV's. This is more than anybody’s ever done for me, so thank you," Sterling said. 


When asked how he plans on spending that money, Sterling said he plans on giving his kids the best Christmas they’ve ever had.

"I don’t have to worry about coming out of pocket for my work to pay for Christmas gifts now. The kids can get whatever they want for Christmas now. They don’t have to pick and choose what they want," Sterling said.