When the power goes out, parents light school play with phones

They say the show must go on, and that’s what happened when the power went out during a school play at Miles River Middle School in Hamilton, Massachusetts. Parents in the audience used their cell phones to light the stage so that the performance of James and The Giant Peach didn’t have to end early.

The play’s technical director, teacher Kevin Berube, posted a video to Facebook of the students continuing on with the play as dozens of cell phone lights glow and wave in the background.

“These middle school kids literally didn’t skip a beat,” Berube wrote. “I’m very grateful that I was given the opportunity to [technical direct] this amazing production

Many more parents and teachers responded to Berube’s Facebook post, adding their own photos of the unexpected turn of events.

Now, the students and parents are being praised for their inventive can-do spirits. The students were even recognized in a tweet from Hamilton town officials, citing their spirit and improvisational skills.

“The thespians at Miles River Middle School are famous after some inspiring improvisation last friday,” the tweet read.