Wheelchair-bound teen scores in his first baseball game

Christian Alfaro has spent the last three years as the manager for the Poteet High School baseball team.

His dream to be on the field with the team had been hampered by his wheelchair, until the first inning of a game this week against the Terrell tigers.

Coach Jeff Johnson decided it was time to give Christian the opportunity he had worked so hard for and clearly deserved.

So, Coach Johnson asked Christian to pinch run for one of his teammates.

Christian wasn't going to let him down.

When Terrell's pitcher threw a wild pick-off throw to first base Christian made his move, heading to second, then third, and then all the way to home plate.

Students and fans from both sides cheered as the devoted teen helped put his team on the scoreboard in a moment he and his teammates will never forget. 

Video Credit: Credit: Terrell Daily Photo