What you can do to prevent being carjacked

It seems as though we are reporting about a new carjacking incident daily, which brings up the question: can anything be done to prevent yourself from becoming a victim?

No matter which part of town you live in, carjackings are widespread across our area and can happen to anyone.

Last week 61-year-old Howard Johnson was shot and killed in his driveway on Hardwood Forest Drive. His car was stolen and later recovered but the suspects remain at large.

Kiesha Price, 31, was also killed last week after a failed carjacking attempt. Two men have been arrested and charged with her murder. Price leaves behind a 5-year-old son and a family overcome with grief.

“I mean this is a tragedy, and it’s very sad that, you know, these individuals are out there praying on people, you know, and causing senseless acts of violence," says Victor Price, the brother of Kiesha Price.

So what can be done to prevent being carjacked? In most cases common sense comes into play.

Barry Curtis, Senior Police Officer of the Houston Police Department, says “keeping their head on a swivel going to and from the car. If they do have to stop somewhere, at a gas station, get in and get out of your car quick. Don’t sit inside your car looking at your telephone. Doing things like that where you’re not paying attention to your surroundings, because it just takes a split second.”

You also want to look out for distractions like people asking for money, park your car in areas that are well lit, and keep your keys in your hands on the panic button when walking to your car. If you find yourself face to face with a carjacker, don’t struggle and hand over your property.

“Personal property is not worth your life. You can replace a car, you can replace a purse, you can replace a wallet, you can replace money, but you can’t replace your life and your health,“ says Officer Curtis.