What could firearm training for teachers look like?

The gun control debate continues to heat up with President Donald Trump’s proposal to arm qualified school teachers with guns. Which brings up the question, what kind of training would be required if teachers were to carry on campus?

We spoke with several places that offer firearm instruction. None have anything tailored specifically for teachers in a school setting, but if there is a need for it, they are more than prepared to train teachers how to defend themselves and their students.

With the help of a T-I training simulator, the instructors at the Athena Gun Club can choose from hundreds of scenarios, and customize each situation depending on the student’s ability. A realistic approach to shooting in a range. It helps to put you in a situation where your adrenaline starts to rush. An instructor will then critique your session.

“In the classroom, yes, we’re going to give you hands-on with the firearm, ok, but with the simulator using this blow back system you’re actually going to have some recoil so you’ll feel about 30 percent of what the firearm is going to do. All right, just enough to throw your sites off target or to help you get a better understanding of general marksmanship,” says Armando Clark, an instructor at Athena Gun Club.

Although there are no classes aimed for teachers in a school setting Athena Gun Club says, they are more than prepared to take them on if armed teachers in the classroom becomes a reality.