Webster apartment residents dealing with rat infestation

These are not small mice. They are big nasty rats that can carry diseases and seem to do little to hide their presence.

"They have no fear," said Kourtney Crenshaw. "Even when they see me, they'll run off. They still stay. They don't leave, they're always here."

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They're the roommates nobody wants, and they're not helping Crenshaw pay her almost $1,400 a month rent.

She says she started hearing noises inside her unit at Rosemont Clear Creek Apartments at 2801 West Bay Area Boulevard in Webster on May 1.

"Then one day, I walked in my kitchen and a rat ran across my foot," Crenshaw said. "I thought I liked rats. But when I saw it run across my foot, I almost had a heart attack."

The filthy freeloaders are costing Kourtney money. She says she and her teenage daughters must eat out, because the rats contaminate all the food.

"They eat through everything," Kourtney said. "I had a plastic breadbox, and they ate through the plastic to get to the bread."


The rats even ate through the spray foam apartment management used to fill up holes.

"I'm scared to stay here. I'm skittish, I'm scared, and I'm terrified," said Amanda, who lives upstairs from Kourtney and asked that we not show her face.

"They keep saying they're fixing the problem, but they're not," said Amanda. "Not one person from the office has come to this building to examine it, and they should."

So far, Kourtney has caught nine rats. 

"I haven't talked to a manager, not one time," she said. "I've emailed, I've called, she's never called me back. She's never emailed me back."

We went to the office, no one came to the door. Our emails and phone call have not been returned.