Pasadena bee attack leaves family dog clinging to life, they blame CenterPoint Energy

A bee attack in Pasadena has one family fighting to save the life of their furry friend. On Thursday morning, Michael Davis says his wife called him crying hysterically, she told him their dog Sophie was being attacked by bees.

"It was just hundreds of bees just stinging her. Her being enclosed in the backyard, she had nowhere to go," Davis explained. 

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His wife rushed out of the house and opened the gate to allow poor Sophie to get out of the backyard. But the bees followed, not letting up and even stinging his wife and his 1-year-old son.

"My wife got roughly five stings all throughout her body, and my son got one right in the middle of his back," Davis said. 

Michael says the same day of the attack, CenterPoint Energy sent someone to remove bees from an energy box in his neighbor's backyard. 

"They did not notify any of us that they were going to remove these bees, and now we have to deal with the fact our dog may not survive," said Davis.


Their dog, Sophie suffered nearly 200 bee stings; they've already racked up a vet bill of nearly $1,500. But they say Sophie needs more immediate and extensive treatments, ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, and even that may not be enough to save her. 

"Doing all the blood tests, they found out that her pancreas is shutting down due to the severity of the incident. If she shows no signs of improvement, it's best to put her down," said Davis.

Davis says if CenterPoint would've just knocked and told them they were disturbing a bee's nest right nextdoor, their family wouldn't be preparing to say goodbye to their best friend.

"Today is actually Sophie's birthday, five years ago we brought her home. We just love her, she's the best dog anyone could ask for," Davis said. 

Centerpoint Energy sent a statement to FOX 26 late Monday night saying, "We have been in contact with the Davis family to understand how we could best support Sophie’s treatment and recovery. While the family continues to gather information and recommendations on care for Sophie, CenterPoint Energy is committed to covering the costs of Sophie’s treatment. We sincerely apologize to the Davis family for what occurred and the injuries to Sophie."